PRATAY gained considerable experience to work in different sector like:

a) Training on Human Resources Development.

b) Non-Formal Education.

c) Health and Breast Feeding Campaign.

d) Health Care Service & STD/HIV Aids.

e) Environment and Water Sanitation.

f)  Skill Training.

g)  Physical Improvement Works.

h)  Tree Plantation.

i)   Income Generating Activities.

j)   Water & Sanitation.

k)  Consumer Support Service.

l)   Micro-Credit.

m) Awareness Education.

n)  Relief and Rehabilitation.

o)   Women Empowerment and Gender Issue.

p)   Adolescents Development and Education.

q)   Day-Care Center.

r)   Street School.

s)   Advocacy and Right Issue.

t)   Formal School.

u)  Gender Development and Good governess