PRATAY is a non-government, non-political, philanthropic female headed development organization. It has making all out effort to improve the socio-economic, environmental and cultural status of the community people through diversified program initiatives. The people of the working area are extremely vulnerable and living in both urban and rural areas of Dhaka and Chittagong Division. The organization has been trying to mitigate the unmet need of the poor and hard core poor people with its limited financial resources. It realized that the organization needs to design and develop new project to mitigate the unmet need of the community. Considering their needs and problems context of the poor people of the country, the organization has already been started to design new projects and submitting to different donors to raise fund with a view to serve the target people. It is expected that within a short period of time, the organization will be able to ensure funding to fulfill the long cherished demand of the community people.

To make the organization a vibrant one, PRATAY has already developed all necessary policy,  procedures and manual such as financial manual, personnel manual (service rule and HR policy), gender policy and all necessary programs guideline to increase the institutional capacity and strengths. The developed system increased the organizational efficiency and help for smooth functioning of the program.

At present, PRATAY has been implementing programs are Micro Finance, water and sanitation, Human rights and social justice, Education, Gender and Development and Day observation. All the programs outputs are really encouraging and due to earnest endeavor, sincerity and commitment to the poor people and development, PRATAY attained considerable positive image among all level stakeholders including government officials and representative.

PRATAY is a gender sensitive organization and always in the drive to ensure the gender balance and justice at all level of the organization. Apart from that, the organization has been implementing all of its programs in a participatory manner through involving all the stakeholders in program implementation process.

In fine, I would like to thank the participants, staff and other stakeholders who have contributed for smooth functioning of the organization during the year.

Rokeya Jahan Reba

Executive Director